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Monday, March 5, 2012

The First Page of Losing Penny

One week into my new novel and I'm loving it. It's always a honeymoon when I start a new novel, but I think because I thought and mulled this one over for several weeks before I actually started writing it's pouring from my fingers. Or maybe it's because I've spent so many years yo-yo dieting that I can really relate to my character Penny. Or maybe it's because I already know my hero, Drake. Drake appeared in the novel I wrote years ago and that I'm currently rewriting.

That's right.

I'm drafting a new novel and editing an old one. Why? Because I love drafting and editing not so much. And yet, I can't throw The Rhyme's Library away. It's too good and I spent way too much time on it to let it die. I work on it on Thursdays. My Costco day...but that's another blog post.

Here's the first page of Losing Penny. Enjoy.

Penny loved Richard and she adored Rose, but she her feelings toward Pralines and Cream were mediocre at best and standing on a platform with a woman with a mouth full of pins in her mouth at her feet, looking at herself in the mirror Penny had to say she looked exactly like an overflowing Pralines and Cream ice cream cone. Dress sizes come and go but wedding pictures are forever, she thought.

Rose smiled at her from across the room. Because of all the mirrors lining the walls, Rose came in quadruples. Rose’s dress reminded Penny of a lamp shade. Understated—Rose’s wedding buzz word. Rose wanted a very simple, elegant, $150 thousand dollar wedding. And Penny’s brother Richard couldn’t deny his finance even one little thing, not even a waffle cone dress for his sister.

“It’s a little snug,” Rose said, frowning at the Penny’s multiple reflections.
“Harrumph,” the woman at Penny’s feet said.

Rose, a fashion designer, understood tailor-speak, but Penny didn’t. She guessed the woman said, It doesn’t matter what she looks like, everyone will be looking at you and you’ll be drop dead gorgeous.

“I know,” Rose sighed. “Still, we want her to look her best.”

“Harrumph,” the woman retorted, which Penny interpreted as You can paint a barn in fancy colors, but it’s still a barn.

“She’s worked so hard, it would be a shame not to show her off,” Rose said, she smiled at Penny and tugged at the dress’s bodice, exposing more creamy cleavage.

Please don’t let my pralines show, Penny prayed.

“Just a little more va va voom,” Rose said, frowning at Penny’s spillover cleavage.

And that’s why Penny spent the next three hours at the gym. She wanted less va va and definitely less voom. With grim determination stamped on her face, she raced on the treadmill. All around her, Orange County toothpicks and giraffes sweated on the machines. Music blared from the speakers, but Penny only heard her own internal mantra. Less va va. Weigh less voom. Soon.


  1. Mmmm! Sounds so good.


  2. haha...I have to apologize! I meant to leave this on your recipe post. But this sounds good too!

  3. Man, but I can feel for her! So when does your book come available that you said you were uploading? Will I be able to get it for the Nook?

  4. A GHOST OF A SECOND CHANCE is on Smashwords and my dashboard says it's "pending." I just uploaded it on Saturday and I don't know how long the queue is, but I'm hoping that Barnes and Noble (nook), Amazon and all the rest will pick it up within the week! It's very exciting.