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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yesterday’s low-down
Breakfast—high fiber cereal, half banana, almond milk
Lunch—half a burrito at Chipolte
Snack—smoothie (half banana, some yogurt, frozen berries, splash lemonade) whole grain crackers with nutella
Dinner—honey lime grilled chicken breast, two cups assorted vegetables, half cup of rice, mango and watermelon
Am—45  minutes bike at gym (read my book)
Pm—30  minutes lifting weights while watching TV
After dinner—4 mile walk with Larry and dog

Today’s lowdown
Exercise—4 mile run with dog, about 50 minutes
Breakfast—high fiber cereal, half banana, strawberry, almond milk
Dinner—fish tacos

After breakfast, I’ll be fasting. Tomorrow morning I’m attending an early morning temple session and I like to go fasting. This has very little to do with my health goals, although I did recently read that a 24 hour fast has health benefits. I don’t try to exercise while fasting. Obviously, I’ll be skipping the fish tacos—saving my portion for Friday’s lunch.

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