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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Nutritarian Conversion

It’s been a little less than a month since I started dieting and I’ve lost five pounds. Which is great. My goal was to lose five pounds a month and that’s what happened. I started out with the daily goal of eating fifteen hundred calories and burning four hundred calories through exercise. For the first week, this worked. I lost weight…but the second week—not so much. Even though I was doing pretty much the same thing. I think the problem was that when I started it was raging hot and I would come home from my run dripping with sweat and weigh myself before showering and the next week, not as hot, not as sweaty and not as much weight loss.

So, I tweaked it. I read Dr Furhman’s book, Eat to Live and decided to become a nutritarian. A few years ago I had a tooth problem and for about two weeks I wasn’t able to chew. I lived on soup and realized that I really didn’t love or need meat. Cutting down on meat has been easy for me. I miss cookies, but the beauty of the nutritarian diet is I’m able to eat 1,000 calories of whatever a week. I try to save my calorie splurges for Sunday desserts and eat mostly vegetables and fruit and some whole grains during the week. This is working for me.

Since my nutritarian conversion, I have far less mood swings (that are so typical of women of a certain age) and no longer need an afternoon nap. The five pounds on the scale seems like an insignificant bonus in comparison. Maybe soon I'll decide another tweaking is in order, but for right now I'm happily grilling zucchini and making cauliflower soup.

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