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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Rant from the Top of the Barbells

I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do with this blog and this book. I had hoped to use the blog as a marketing tool for my novel, Losing Penny, thinking that as health conscious internet surfers stumbled across diet tips and recipes on my blog, that they might also be interested in reading Losing Penny. I also had a more personal agenda—I had hoped that as I posted weight loss tips and veggie recipes that I would stay motivated on my own personal path to optimal health and skinny thighs.
That didn’t happen. For a glimpse of what did happen, you have to read the ending of Losing Penny—which I love by the way, and since I don’t want to spoil the ending…I will leave you with this one important weight loss tool. To enjoy your life and optimal health—you have to love and appreciate your body. That’s it. That’s the take away message I wish I could shout from the top of the barbells at the gym and post on giant banners in front of weight loss clinics worldwide.
If you hate your body, if you say or even think cruel or unkind things about your body, you will never be at peace and you will never be healthy. I don’t care if you have the means to hire chefs, personal trainers and a team of plastic surgeons—if you don’t nurture yourself with proper amounts of sleep, exercise, healthy foods and gratitude for the amazing gift of your body—you will be at war. And guess what—you will lose…and I’m not talking about body fat.
I will now climb off the barbells and stop ranting. I don’t want to be a Julian Michaels, screaming in anybody’s face. I don’t believe in screaming—unless grave bodily harm can be prevented (but wait—maybe it can.) I don’t believe in punishments. I don’t think negativity ever works…for long.
The other day I got two beautiful magazines in the mail. My teenage daughters picked up the Bride magazine and asked where they had come from and why. I didn’t know, but I think they must be somehow associated with my credit card, since they had my full and legal name on the packaging label. It took me a few moments to get what kind of magazine the second one was—it wasn’t a bridal magazine (like the first) home décor or fashion. Mid way through, after numerous advertisements for cars and jewelry I found a picture of two beautiful models—male and female—sitting in a yoga pose on the beach. Make 2013 The Year You Achieve All Your Dreams—the caption read. And since I like yoga and the beach and dreams, I turned the page—only to find five pages of advertisements for plastic surgeons.
I know plastic surgery can nip and tuck our outsides, but I also know it can’t fix what’s going on inside our heads. And that’s where real optimal health has to start. If you think weight loss is all about bellys, bottoms and biceps—you’re wrong.
It’s a head game. And you will never win if you don’t learn to love your greatest opponent—yourself.

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