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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Anti-Spread Spread Sheet

Eat Breakfast
No Soda
3 cups of vegetables
1 Treat
(or less)
1 slice of pizza (or less)
Drink 70 of water
30 min. exercise
100 push-ups
100 ab workout

This diet plan was designed by son, who is as handsome and as sleek as a rock star. Always health conscious, he wants to rocket his body to some new runners' high. I tweaked his plan just slightly. I replaced his no burgers rule with 3 cups of vegetables, because I eat burgers about once a month...if that. If you want to modify something, do so. For example, no sodas is easy for me since carbination makes me sick. I should change that to something more challenging, but since I'm sort of weanie, I'm letting it stay. We're very loosy goosey so feel free to join our challenge on your own, or if you'd like to participate with our group, e-mail me at

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