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Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday's Goals

1. Continue sugar fast
2. Eat 4 times a day at three hour intervals
3. Clean out a shelf, cupboard, or drawer before shopping for anything, including groceries

Walked 3.5 miles with Nancy

Breakfast 9 a.m.
Greek yogurt
raisin toast with butter and sugar-free jam

Lunch 12 p.m.
Beef jerky
Hot dog on bun with condiments
Atkins, protein bar

3:30 p.m

in and out burger
6 ritz crackers
1 graham cracker

Clean out bathroom drawer,
Did laundry
Finished editing Dad's book
Lowered price of Highwayman to .99
Scheduled promo with I Love Vampires

Julia Quinn at Yorba Linda Library

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