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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Exercise Friends with Fur

This is Sandy and Grendal. Grendal and I run on my off gym days and we walk with Nancy and Sandy in the canyon on Saturday mornings. Sandy and Grendal are good friends, but Sandy, by virtue of his size and sex, gets to walk a little ahead of Grendal.

Nancy and I met more than twenty-five years ago when we both lived in Connecticut. She lived in Norwalk and I lived in Darien—about ten minutes apart—but we attended the same church. Back then Nancy and I met at the church to walk because Connecticut winters are darn cold. And wet. We’d leave our children playing with the toys in the nursery and do laps around the halls, peeking in at our children as we passed. (And yes, we had permission and keys, but we didn’t have dogs.) Our children have long outgrown the nursery, and many dogs have come and gone, but Nancy and I continue to walk.

Maybe someday we’ll be doing laps around the halls of a nursing home.

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